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2 bébés cockatiels à vendre, manipulable. Nés le 4 novembre 2 Bébés cockatiels a vendre -1 couleurs canelle - 1 grise Appeler ou envoyer courriel pour plus d'infos. 100$ chacun Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27 $100
2 Parakeets (Budgies) who act like Love Birds! Hi there! I have two beautiful parakeets (budgies) for sale (or trade They are approximately 2 years old, one mal... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27
Green Male Parrotlet!
Green Male Parrotlet! - Green Male Parrotlet - He is SEMI-TAMED - He is 2 and a half years old - LOVES to be scratched! - Talks back to you... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27 $100
Blue Female and Green Female Parrotlets!
Blue Female and Green Female Parrotlets! - Blue Female and Green Female Parrotlets - They are a bit aggressive but they are calm when you treat them nicely - ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27 $250
Rescued Budgies and Rescued Cockatiels need new homes! I have two pairs of rescued birds available to a good permanent home. I have a male and female Budgie (both white and... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27
MINATURE PARROTS (Parrotlets) One green female Parrotlet baby. Is being hand fed and will be ready to go in about a week. She is very tame. $125 Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-27 $125
beautiful cockatiel pair male & female cage included
beautiful cockatiel pair male & female cage included Just had a new baby I don't want to sell these birds but my girlfriend wont get off my case about it. Both birds were... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-26 $200
budgie the cage
budgie the cage female budgie with  cage for sale asking 25.00. Bird is not tame. but if you have time you can do it. Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-26 $25
Male Indian Ringneck
Male Indian Ringneck I'm selling a Grey male Indian Ringneck. On sale for best offer. freebies include: 80 worth of zupreem pellets -bow... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-26
+++ FS : Finch Bird , Cage +++
+++ FS : Finch Bird , Cage +++ 1) Finches: $10 each. 2) Vision Bird Cage and all accessories as in the photo: $40 Dimension: 11" D x 15.5" W x 20" ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25 $10
TAME LOVEBIRD YOUNG TAME LOVEBIRD. Doesn't bite, loves to come out to be with you and is very sweet. Beautiful pastel color.  $65 Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25 $65
Toui ( parrotlet )
Toui ( parrotlet ) Femelle toui qui se prénomme Kiwi née au mois d'avril 2013, elle très enjoué et elle aime un peu trop la présence de ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25 $100
Cockatiels Hi I have two cockatiels for sale asking 100 each they are hand fed if intrested ease get back there three and a half... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25 $100
Lovebird with cage, food and more!!
Lovebird with cage, food and more!! Hey there! I am selling my lovebird. With her, there is her cage food and toys in the cage. I can no longer take care... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25 $100
Perroquet Un petit perroquet à vendre de 3ans un yoyo très gentille elle aime se faire prendre très souvent et très belle Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-24 $500
Bird Cage With Stand
Bird Cage With Stand Bird cage with stand in good condition. Suitable for small finch, canary budgie, love bird etc Stand is 63 inches hig... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-23 $70
Two female lovebirds including cage, base and accessories
Two female lovebirds including cage, base and accessories The two female birds are tame and were hand fed, they don't bite.  They are both 4 and 5 months old only.  I am offer... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-23 $175
Beautiful Indian Ringneck Chicks - For Deposit These sweeties are just about ready to go. They are abundance weaning and enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables. H... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-22
Small Bird Cage
Small Bird Cage I have a small bird cage available, in good condition. It has a slide out tray on the bottom for easy cleaning. Perch... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-22 $25
Unmated Pair of Indian Ringnecks
Unmated Pair of Indian Ringnecks We are looking for a good, attentive and loving home for our pair of unmated healthy Indian Ringnecks. Yellow Femal... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-22 $600