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Cage d'oiseaux et accessoires Cage et accessoires ayant été utilisé pour 1 couple de pinson (incluant petit nid pour pinson couveuse) Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-17 $20
Wanted: Blue & White Female Budgies
Wanted: Blue & White Female Budgies Hi Every One. I’m looking two female budgies (white and blue) same like my picture which one I posted in my ad if so... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16
Wanted: Wanted to buy ring neck pheasants or fertile eggs Wanted to buy ringneck pheasants or fertile eggs Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16
Perruche J'ai deux perruche a vendre avec la grosse cage et le manger on vois une photo la canne sa cest pour mettre le manger... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16 $85
Toui Femelle toui qui se prénomme Kiwi née au mois d'avril 2013, elle très enjoué et elle aime un peu trop la présence de ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16 $150
Pair of budgies
Pair of budgies I have one pair wonderful young budgies for sale, Green male and Fallow grey female 1 year old very cute and bond ver... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-15 $35
Finche or sale / Pinson à vendre J'ai deux pinsons à vendre. Ils viennent avec leur cage. Je les ai acheté de l'animalerie 6 mois passés. Ils sont jeu... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-15 $70
Singing, Friendly, Breeding Pied Cockatiels
Singing, Friendly, Breeding Pied Cockatiels Looking for a new loving home for my two adult cockatiels. Experienced breeding couple. Very Friendly and sociable, w... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-15 $225
Wanted: Looking female cockatiel! Hi in am very experienced with birds. I currently have 2 male cockatiels and 1 lovebird. Preferably tamed but will ta... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-15
Finches with cage / Pinsons avec cage (ENGLISH WILL FOLLOW) Bonjour, J'ai 2 pinsons mandarins à vendre avec la cage pour un total de 75$ Les petits access... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-14 $75
CANARY bird About 2 years old male CANARY , sings great and beautifully. With its cage that is divided into 3 stories and can be ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-13 $150
LOVEBIRD YOUNG TAME LOVEBIRD. Doesn't bite and is very sweet. Beautiful pastel coloring. $80 Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-13 $80
4 Beautiful Budgies For Sale
4 Beautiful Budgies For Sale Hi I am selling 1 beautiful white female budgie 1 dark blue female budgie and another 2 dark blue male budgies. They ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-13 $20
Conure Yellow Side (facteur rouge)+ inséparables (Fisher/masqué)
Conure Yellow Side (facteur rouge)+ inséparables (Fisher/masqué) :) Adorable boule de plumes     Bonjour, vous recherchez un oiseau affectueux, colleux, qui aime jouer et qui aime do... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-13 $325
Quaker a vendre avec accessoires et cage Perroquet Quaker a vendre avec cage, accessoires et nourriture. Nous n'avons plus le temps de nous en occuper car nou... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-12 $300
beautiful young budgies for sale
beautiful young budgies for sale Am selling two beautiful young male budgies that I raised in a wholesome environment with care and affection, lots of... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-12 $35
Green Cheek Conure Mango is needing a new, childless home preferably He is tame but occasionally nips if frightened or angry Likes t... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-12 $250
Love Birds & Flight Cage
Love Birds & Flight Cage 4 beautiful love birds, 2 blue and 2 peach cheek great singers - large flight cage.   Best offer! Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-11
Medium Bird Cage/ zebra finch Cage dimensions are about 24x16x16. In mint condition and has a divider. Could be used for two birds, breeding or two... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-11 $80
One hand-fed pure Lutino Peach faced Love birds
One hand-fed pure Lutino Peach faced Love birds One hand-fed pure Lutino Peach faced Love birds (with red eye) for sale Their Age is around 20 weeks old fully wean... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-11 $110