3000lb Classic Car Rotisserie, Commercially Mfg in Canada

3000lb Classic Car Rotisserie, Commercially Mfg in Canada
3000lb Classic Car Rotisserie, Commercially Mfg in Canada #03000lb Classic Car Rotisserie, Commercially Mfg in Canada #13000lb Classic Car Rotisserie, Commercially Mfg in Canada #2
$1,499 $1,988
Run: 0.8 thousand miles
Model: mustang
Year of release: 1968
City: Ottawa - Gatineau
Last visit: 2014-01-25
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Posted: 2014-01-25

If you’re looking for the right way to do a restoration, the Resto-Revolver rotisserie is a must have item. Rotisserie restored cars are built better and command a higher price when it comes to selling when compared to one that has not been properly restored.

There are a few different rotisseries out there but the Resto-Revolver surpasses them all in quality, ease of use, workmanship, and price.

The Resto-Revolver is very easy to set up and use. “Keep It Simple and Safe”. We know the obstacles you may encounter when setting up your vehicle. We also carry a variety of mounting brackets to assist in the vehicle mounting.

The quicker you can get your vehicle set up, the quicker you can get started on your restoration. Safety pins and jam bolts have been incorporated to ensure the unit does not drop or pull apart, plus they take all the play out of tube inside tube fit.

The Resto-Revolver is manufactured to OHS standards by a Journeyman Red Seal Welder right in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with domestically sourced materials. The hydraulic jacks are the only item sourced from overseas. The overseas jacks can however be upgraded to a USA made jack for a little extra money.

• Your vehicle only needs to be about 15” off the ground to attach to the rotisserie; lowest in the industry.

• Our unique internal balance bolt system will pick your project up from about 15” off the ground to where your vehicle needs to be balanced. Our balance system can be locked in every ¾” inch instead of 3” hole spacing in our competitor’s models. The hydraulic jacks placed at either end are then used to set your working height.

• Once balanced, you can spin an entire 3000lb vehicle with one hand. No matter where you spin it, it will stay in that position and allow you to lock the unit into one of the 22 locking positions. Additionally, the ¾” grade 8 jam bolts on the pivot assemblies hold the vehicle in place so you can work on it without it moving.

• How your rotisserie rolls around your shop is important. We supply premium quality, robust, total locking Canadian made casters. With a rated capacity of 900lbs each, they come in one of two styles: the standard 4x2 phenolic for concrete or smooth floors and the optional 8x2 solid rubber all terrain style caster. The 8x2 has an extremely strong gusseted center hub so when you go to turn the rotisserie, the hub does not deform or go flat like the cheap pneumatic style casters. The simple one click total lock feature locks both the wheel and caster bearings from rotating.

• Our CSA HSS tubing is 3/16” thick, which is double the thickness of most the other units. The steel is also manufactured from either Canada or the USA.

• Perfect for the home do-it-yourself, body shop, school/educational facility or museum.

With the prices that quality restored cars are going for these days, you should have the right tools for the job and it starts with Canada’s one and only commercially manufactured rotisserie, The Resto-Revolver.

Contact us today to see how we can set you up with the right tool for the job.

Visit our website @ www.resto-revolver.ca or call 780.977.7846

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