Always Pick An Experienced Personal Trainer That Looks Good

Always Pick An Experienced Personal Trainer That Looks Good
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Always Pick An Experienced Personal Trainer That Looks Good. Make sure you select a Personal trainer that has a good physique. If they can get results training themselves, they will get results for you. If a personal trainer does not show their picture in their ad, it is because they do not look good.   The Two Schools Of Personal Training - Experience vs. Schooling.   Over the last 20 years Personal Trainers have come a long way since the days of only training the Elite. In other words the Rich and Famous. Unfortunately today the worlds of Experience vs. Schooling collide, leaving clients with a decision to make. Some of today's trainers are very experienced, whilst others are schooled with little or no experience.   The Schooled that just got their Certification or Degree are usually eager to use their clients as guinea pigs or test subjects. They are still learning and usually do not understand the importance of going through the trenches themselves. They usually promise clients results, even with less than 4 months of schooling in hand. They can even end up injuring clients because they are not experienced.   The Experienced are the guys that have been through the trenches. They have 10, 15 or even 20 years experience behind them. They are authors of fitness books and usually write articles in bodybuilding and fitness magazines. They have years of experience training themselves and others. They know what works and what does not work based on their personal experience. They have a good safety record.   Cheap Personal Trainers do not mean a thing. When it comes to cheap trainers, you get what you pay for. Do not expect the performance of a Mercedes Benz, if you buy a Geo Metro.   If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur and see what happens.   Never do or use a Online Personal Trainer. Make sure you only pay for a personal trainer that is besides you, training you in person. Never pay for a Online Personal Trainer that is going to train you over the internet.   I used various Personal Trainers when I just got into the Fitness Field. In my 11 years in the Fitness Field I know three things for sure.   1. If I was going to pick a Personal Trainer, I will pick someone that has results training himself or herself. If they can get results with their training, then they will get results for you. The goal of paying clients is results. Make sure your trainer trains you in person, and not over the internet. One-On-One Personal Training is the best.   2. Someone with years of experience will get better results for you than a rookie that just got certified.   3. Bodybuilders tend to make the best Personal Trainers without a doubt. The ones that have won bodybuilding competitions tend to have expert knowledge about how to get results. Whether it is fat loss or muscle building etc. etc. these guys go through it everyday. I got my best results from Personal Trainers that had won bodybuilding competitions. They have excellent knowledge about how to reduce and burn body fat, build muscle, tone up etc. etc.   In the Personal Training Business, trainers are going to run into clients that want to do bodybuilding or fitness competitions. How are you going to train a client for a competition, if you have never competed in a bodybuilding or fitness competition yourself? For Bodybuilding, Figure or Bikini competitors, only train with a trainer that won 1st place in a OPA Bodybuilding, Figure or Bikini Competition.   In the end, it comes down to a personal choice. If you were going to pick a family doctor, do you want a doctor that is straight from medical school? Or do you want a family doctor with at least 10 years experience? The choice is yours.   Personal Trainer and Fitness Model OPA Figure and Fitness Champion   - One on One Personal Training - Fat Loss - Muscle Tone - Public Gyms, Home Gyms and Office Gyms - Free Nutrition Plan   Will Only Reply To Serious Inquiries Include information on age, weight, fitness goals and what you are looking for.   Limited Space Available

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