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Posted: 2014-01-29


I am a well known psychic. They call me the blind reader as I am blind. I see through your eyes. I see life changing events both past and future

Each of your guests will receive a private reading where I will divine answers regarding relationships, financial predictions, family and health. Each guest will be invited to ask questions about any area of interest and specific situations. My readings are always entertaining and informative. Each guest will scribe a candle with their name and birthdate. It is from this candle that I draw my visions. After their reading, each guest will take their candle home. This candle can be used in the future to divine answers by simply lighting it and meditating in front of it for a few minutes. The answer will become apparent.

Your guests will be amazed as I describe past events as seen through their eyes. When I read the hand of the future I will describe events not yet seen along with an accurate timeline. I have been practicing for about 30 years and have many repeat clients.

You and your guests will not be disappointed. I can read 10 - 15 hands over 3 or 4 hours.

If you have any questions or would like to book a reading, I can be reached by phone at 613-501-0225 or simply reply to this ad.