Male chocolate point siamese

Male chocolate point siamese
City: Ottawa - Gatineau
Last visit: 2014-01-25
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Posted: 2014-01-25


My female just had a litter and needs a break, so I am offering my male for 'borrow' during your females heat cycle.

He is 2 years old, chocolate point purebred Siamese.  He is gorgeous, so friendly and affectionate. I have had no complaints yet, everyone falls in love with him, and he opens up to strangers instantly. He is not aggressive at all, he's a big cuddle bug.

He is the more traditional type, thin with a more narrow face. I have had 2 litter from him so far, and 1 was a litter of 6 and the second a litter of 7.

If you are interested, I charge a one time fee, which guarantees success because if it doesn't take the first time, you can keep coming back free of charge until it happens. My fee is low, as I do not ask for a kitten or the sale of 1 kitten.

This helps me out, keeping them apart while she is nursing, and helps you out if you are wanting a litter of kittens. I do ask that he goes to your home because my female is territorial also while she has her litter

Date of Birth: 03-Jan-12

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