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I am a Personal Trainer that offers one-on-one Personal Training. A Personal Trainer is a trainer that does individual one-on-one training. It is personal and not a group class. Some trainers call themselves Personal Trainers, but offer group classes of 5, 10 or even 20 people. That is not Personal Training. They are class instructors and not Personal Trainers.       You have to train clients according to their individual needs. One training does not apply to all. Everyone is different according to their needs. I train clients according to their fitness goals and individual needs. This cannot be done in a group class setting. One shoe does not fit all.       I train clients at Home Gyms, Office Gyms and Public Gyms ( I do not train clients at Goodlife Gyms or the Athletic Club When it comes to Home Gyms, I train clients with equipment at their Home Gyms. Some trainers claim to bring the equipment to the client's Home Gym. How are you going to train by yourself when the Personal Trainer is not there or when you start to train by yourself? You need your own equipment to train by yourself. So it is a good idea to have equipment in your Home Gym and Office Gym.        Some trainers offer Online Personal Training. If you are going to pay a personal trainer money, make sure they are beside you giving one-on-one personal training, and not over the internet. You get better results with someone training you in person, and not over the internet. Never do Online Personal Training. I offer one-on-one personal training in person.       Some Personal Trainers cannot even train themselves, but claim they can train others.  How is a trainer going to get results for you, if they cannot get results for themselves? I guess that is why some Personal Trainers cannot show their picture in an Ad, because they have a lousy physique. Always pick a Personal Trainer with a good physique and lots of years of experience. Bodybuilders are never afraid to show their physique in a picture, because they are in good shape.       I offer: One-On-One Personal Training Fat and Weight Loss Muscle Tone Weight Loss Bodybuilding Free Nutrition Program       Former OPA Bikini Champion Former Fitness Model 12 Years Training Experience       Public Gyms $60 Home and Office Gyms $75 Limited Space Available Will Reply To Serious Inquiries Only