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I teach all styles of music from Rock to metal, blues, folk, R&B, country, Gospel, Jazz, pop… With proper technique, you can sing anything.   From beginner to professional - Develop a distinctive, versatile, and dynamic voice.   Singing - I focus on everything you need to know to become a great vocalist – projecting (volume/power); resonance, placement, shaping/spacing,  proper breathing techniques; diction/clarity; microphone technique; pitch, nerves, confidence and anxiety issues; vocal performance – live, on stage and studio sessions; improvisation; songwriting/writing vocal melodies; widening your vocal range; auditions and much more.    Speaking – Do you have difficulty with public speaking? Mumbling or stuttering? Presentations? Acting? Debating…?   Does your throat ever hurt while/after you are singing or speaking? I will teach you how to sing or speak effortlessly so that you never strain your vocal chords.   I am available to help you with any voice-related concern or issue. I am an experienced and professional, classically trained vocalist (five years with over 15 years of teaching experience.   From singing  to speaking - Learn, improve and perfect. At your home, workplace or at my home studio; at your convenience. Confidential, one-on-one  instruction. One or two hour lessons. Available days and/or evenings.       Anthony,   Great rates, great service, always!