Wanted: Need 1500$ Loan

City: Ottawa - Gatineau
Last visit: 2014-01-30
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Posted: 2014-01-30


I've recently come across a bad situation and am in need of a small loan to get out of it. I would pay back ASAP and would be very grateful. I started a small company and with this loan could continue with it and make a very good income, but with it also comes the status of "self Employed" which most loan companies seem to not accept. If I can't find the money somewhere I will lose my car and from there it would only snowball and become worse. I would be forever grateful to anyone who could help me or turn me to someone who could. I'm a hardworking young man and would not only repay , but if my business can expand as big as I want it to you would forever have a loyal friend who would help you if the tables were turned. I thank you for your time.