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Buy Quality Real And Passports,Driver’s License,ID Cards,Visas(917) 634-8577 We are the best producers of quality documents,With over 12 million of our documents circulating over the world.We of... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-10-29
PLEASE HELP me to find Pete!!! Does anyone know or know of a man named Pete, who once sold plants in the Byward Market, and lived in the Blossom Par... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-25
PLEASE HELP trying to locate Ottawa man! Does anyone know or know of a man named Pete, who once owned a plant stand in the Byward Market, and lived in the Blo... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-23
Hurdman station am I see you ,female, everyday at Hurdman station waiting for the 192, at 0730,  bus in the morning dark short hair,pier... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-20
Gabriel Pizza waitress Your name starts with a J. Or at least that's what the receipt says. Thank you for the great service and your genera... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16
170 Lees. I left in a hurry. I don't remember much; we met a couple of months ago. It was a dreadful night but I still regret leaving on that note... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-16
Belle aux cheveux noir au casino Salut, Tu travailles au casino comme prepose a la roulette electronique et aujourdhui etais ta presmiere fois. Tu eta... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-13
Coronation Avenue - Jennifer We lived in the same apartment building on Coronation Avenue. First, you moved away, and we lost your new number. T... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-09
Belle grande blonde aux cheveux longs,galleries de Hull.. Belle grande blonde aux cheveux longs,superbe sourire qui travaille au bureau de poste des galleries de Hull.Toujours... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-08
Natalie - Starbucks Le 4 janvier 2014, au Starbuck au st-laurent shopping center, aux allentours de 14h00 on s est jaser un petit peu j ... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-07
Jan 2nd flight from Ottawa to Toronto I was on AC 463 seat 24E. A beautiful red head girl sat next to me and I felt like I knew you but I felt frozen in lo... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-03
red head and brunette Ottawa to Toronto flight I really am beating myself up for not talking with you. I felt frozen in love and now I don't know what to do. If any... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-03
liquid egg whites and tuna.January 2nd costco innes Rd. You are an incredibly cute and friendly blond girl shopping with your mom. I saw you by the liquid egg whites and ask... Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-03
I sat by you when boarding from Ottawa to Toronto Jan 2 AC 463 row 24 PleaseContact me. You were red headed I had a bit of a brown shag of hair. Favorites Ottawa - Gatineau 2014-01-03